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Commercial Washing Machine Failure Causes Flooded Business in Northeast Yonkers, NY

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial Washing Machine Causes Flooding in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, professional water damage reconstruction!

In Yonkers, NY, a local businessman suffered massive flood damage caused by a failed washing machine. A backup pump was unable to counter the force of the water, and it flooded his Laundromat.

The flooding caused significant property damage to both the office and storage areas. They immediately called SERVPRO of Yonkers North, the best commercial water damage repair company in Northeast Yonkers.


SERVPRO arrived at the scene of the flooded business in Northeast Yonkers, NY, and immediately began the restoration process. The first thing they did was carry out a flood damage inspection. This allowed for a better understanding of the scale of the damage and helped assess the cost of repairs.

The flood damage repair team, which included water damage restoration experts, builders, and mold remediation experts, provided an estimate for the repair and restoration costs.


Once the owner approved the costs, the water abatement team removed carpeting and extracted water from corners, under furniture, and other inaccessible areas. The Yonkers North crew members cleaned up the area with a water extraction unit. Their water extraction unit used powerful suction to remove all standing water and prevent mold growth at the flooded business in Northeast Yonkers, NY.

They checked and removed damaged furniture and stored them safely until the repair was complete. The flood remediation experts removed and extracted as much water as possible using industrial-grade vacuums.


Next, they dried the affected areas using dehumidifiers and fans, speeding up the drying process. This aided in the drying process as it pulled moisture out of the air. The experts say that it's necessary to keep moving fans and drying out the area to ensure that no water is coming back into the place. The team continued to monitor the area throughout the repair process to ensure that no water returned.


The emergency water cleanup company removed flooded tiles and drywall and replaced them with dry material, helping to speed up the drying process. They re-sanded and fixed large areas of drywall and wooden panels to match the surrounding wall, helping to disguise the damage and reduce the cost of repair.


The flood damage crew did several things in the process of restoring the areas. They replaced the drywall, installed new carpets, and replaced anything else that needed replacing. They also reconstructed the areas where the flood was heavy enough to damage the inside of the place. The flood damage crew was always careful, and they made sure that the business became a safe and comfortable place to work after the restoration.

After a few days, the Laundromat was completely fixed and working as it had before the flooding. The team is proud of the work they did on this Laundromat and look forward to helping out at other flood victims' locations in the future.

Working with the best team

Water damage can cause disastrous damage if not repaired or replaced quickly. After a flood, it's important to have a professional company take care of the cleanup. When you have a flooded business in Northeast Yonkers, NY, you don't want to take any risks with mold damage or aggravating the problem. Many of the homes and businesses in this area have suffered from water damage at some point.

SERVPRO is a local business based in Yonkers, NY, specializing in cleaning and restoring commercial and residential property. The most common damage-related issues people face after flooding include property damage, structural damage, and mold growth. Any kind of water damage can be devastating, but our experienced teams mitigate its effects and the amount of damage it causes.

Apart from bad weather, water damage can be caused by malfunctioning washing machines or sprinkler systems and burst pipes, so it's important to hire the right crew with the right equipment to handle the job.

Call SERVPRO of Yonkers North for fast, professional water damage reconstruction.

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