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The Best Water Damage Clean-Up Company in New York

8/13/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage Clean-Up In Yonkers New York Water Damage Clean-Up In Yonkers New York

The Best Water Damage Clean-Up Company in New York

Every homeowner is responsible for keeping their property in good condition, and the majority of them do an excellent job of maintenance and repairs. There are, however, certain circumstances that are unavoidable or which come entirely unexpectedly. One common household complaint is water damage.

Water damage in your home or property can come about for various reasons, including leaking pipes, groundwater seepage, clogged toilets, dishwasher leakage, washing machine overflow, floodwaters, building envelope failures, and so on. 

Water Clean -Up Services in New York

SERVPRO of Yonkers North is considered by many to be the best water clean-up company in New York, and they are always standing by to help you sort out any problems you might be experiencing.

Here's a quick look at some of the potential problems water is capable of inflicting on various surfaces and materials, as well as how SERVPRO experts like the best water clean-up company in New York can help you avoid or rectify them:


Long-term exposure to water will lead to the cracking or warping of plaster. Although this thick material may offer some resistance to limited water exposure, it does take a long time to dry out, which means your best bet will be to get it thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible.


Foam sheets and insulation are notorious for their capacity to trap and hold water, making them very difficult to clean and dry out once exposed to moisture. Cellulose insulation (made out of blown-in treated paper) and muddy fiberglass will typically need to be completely thrown out in case of water damage to prevent mold development.

Electrical wiring and pipes

Floodwaters can potentially strip electrical wiring and break open pipes. Standing water can eat away at the integrity of these materials, making them prone to future failure unless the trouble is addressed in good time.

Solid wood

Solid wood items and furniture will typically crack and warp after severe water damage, although there will be a window of opportunity to salvage them if they are dried out in good time.  

Floor coverings

Laminated coverings and carpets tend to hold water, making them a significant source of trouble in terms of water damage repair, especially in cases where the water has been allowed to stagnate for long periods. Professional cleaners like the best water clean-up company in New York will be able to restore rugs and carpets in most instances.

Laminated wood and particleboard

Water damage to these materials will usually entail their separation or weakening. Such materials need to be promptly cleaned by experts like the best water clean-up company in New York and dried when exposed to water. Otherwise, they will have to be entirely replaced.

Wood framing and studs

These structural components are typically fine if allowed to dry out completely after water exposure but might need a disinfecting treatment in some instances.

Heater and Air conditioning units

HVAC units need to be given special attention whenever water damage is suspected since their internal electrical systems are easily accessed by water. Their venting systems are also prone to flooding and contamination.


Household appliances can be transformed into potentially harmful agents by water damage. They might start to leak toxic or explosive gases and liquids into the home environment or might make the water a danger site for potential electrocution.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you have a water damage emergency in your home or place of business, it will always be in your best interest to have the problem taken care of as soon as possible. Expert care, in many instances, will be your best bet for a thorough, effective cleaning job that ensures your safety and that of your property. Contact SERVPRO, the best water clean-up company in New York, for quick, professional, and cost-effective solutions to all your water damage emergencies.

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