Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Residential Fire Damage Cleanup In Scarsdale, NY

What Happened? A faulty space heater caused the carpet in the second floor of this Scarsdale, NY residence to catch fire, resulting in a raging inferno that eng... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Mt. Vernon, NY Apartment Complex

What Happened? After a kitchen fire caused extensive damage to this Mt. Vernon, NY apartment complex, the property owners were at a complete loss. Knowing the s... READ MORE

Residential Fire Consumes house in Crestwood, NY

What Happened? When a candle was knocked over overnight in this Crestwood, NY residence, it didn’t take long for the entire home to become engulfed in fla... READ MORE

Multi-home fire in Greenville, NY

What Happened? When a kitchen fire in this multi-family residence in Greenville, NY spread through the entire property, all of the tenants were devastated. Most... READ MORE

A space heater starts a fire in a bedroom in Bryn Mawr Park, NY

What Happened? When a space heater was left on overnight and tipped over in this Bryn Mawr Park, NY residence, the entire upper floor was engulfed in flames. Af... READ MORE

Whole House Fire in Beech Hill, NY

What Happened? A kitchen fire in this Beech Hill, NY home quickly spread to adjacent rooms, setting the entire home ablaze. After the smoke had settled, the hom... READ MORE