What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

The staff at SERVPRO were great! I called about water damage that had happened after a thunder storm on the upper floor of my house. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the team showed up. They moved everything out of the upstairs in order to work on the area. They dried everything perfectly and even managed to save the carpet. They checked multiple times to ensure that the damaged area was sufficiently dry and treated my family and property with respect. What impressed me most during my experience was the care they took with all my stuff, including the furniture! I wanted to help at first so nothing got damaged, but after a few minutes, I realized just how careful they were with the handling of my things. SERVPRO is the best and I would recommend them to anyone.

A recent storm caused quite the flood in our basement. SERVPRO of Yonkers responded to clean up the water and fully dry everything so we could hopefully avoid any possible mold. They went above and beyond for us and did such a thorough job. I’d definitely use them as a resource again. Amazing!

I couldn’t believe how much rain water could come in through a tiny crack in a window.  The staff did a great job drying out my wall and floors.  Thank you guys for bringing the window crack to my attention while cleaning up the water so that this doesn't happen again!

I came home to a roof leak after a rainstorm. I had no idea who to call but I ended up deciding on SERVPRO. And I’m so glad I did! The team quickly came out to assess the damage and fix the problem. Thanks guys!

Hello- I meant to write this a couple weeks ago. I wanted to tell you how very happy my wife and I are with your team as they responded to this water damage issue in our new home after storms passed through the area. The people I talked to several times on the phone and who completed the initial visit to determine a plan were absolutely incredible- I can't overstate how awesome they were. I had several questions and they were a wealth of knowledge- they took the time to explain every little detail of the process and offered suggestions to me along the way. I let them know how much they helped to reduce our stress. I was also impressed by how clean everyone left their work areas. So..Thank you to the team of professionals who helped us out. It really made a huge difference in moving past the mess.

Your team did an excellent job in cleaning up my house after the storms in the area created damage to my roof, resulting in a big leak that caused water to end up all over the place upstairs. It was a complete mess. After a quick call- you guys were here quickly and took an approach like complete pros. Very responsive, and were willing to answer every single question that I had during the clean up. My house is dry and I’m very happy. Thank you to everybody at SERVPRO of Yonkers North for the amazing service!