Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage Causes Leak In Fleetwood, NY Home’s Roof

What Happened? When this Fleetwood, NY residence was hammered by a torrential rainstorm, extensive water infiltration made itself immediately apparent. Concerne... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Bursts in Ludlow, NY

What Happened? When a week of heavy winter storms hit this Ludlow, NY residence, a PVC water pipe froze and burst after the property lost power. The ensuing flo... READ MORE

Roof Leak Leads to Water Damage in Scarsdale, NY

What Happened? When heavy winds ripped roofing off of this Scarsdale, NY office building, water was able to infiltrate to the ceiling below. Before long, a mass... READ MORE

Stormwater Penetrates Walls in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

What Happened? After torrential downpours led to a large accumulation of stormwater outside of this Hastings-On-Hudson, NY home, water slowly began penetrating ... READ MORE

Kitchen Flood in Northwest Yonkers

What Happened? When a roof leak developed in this Yonkers, NY resident’s kitchen, they were at a loss how to proceed. Having penetrated the roof, water wa... READ MORE

Storm Damages Roof of Hastings-On-Hudson, NY Home, Flooding Second Floor Ceiling

What Happened? During a violent storm in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY this house, unfortunately, experienced damage to its roof. The water was able to seep through th... READ MORE