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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Flood Damaged Basement In Northwest Yonkers, NY

What Happened? When this family forgot to turn off the water to their hose bib one cold night, a pipe burst into their walls, filling them with water. Luckily f... READ MORE

Storm Damages Roof of Hastings-On-Hudson, NY Home, Flooding Second Floor Ceiling

What Happened? During a violent storm in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY this house, unfortunately, experienced damage to its roof. The water was able to seep through th... READ MORE

Water Damaged Hardwood Floor in Lincoln Park, NY

What Happened? When the hardwood floor in this Lincoln Park, NY home started showing signs of water damage, the homeowner had no idea where it was coming from. ... READ MORE

Flood Damage in Commercial Basement in Scarsdale, NY

What Happened? When the owner of this restaurant in Scarsdale, NY had a flood due to a failure of a sump pump in the basement, they knew they were in big troubl... READ MORE

Mold Damage Remediation in Ludlow, NY

What Happened? When water damage went unnoticed in this Ludlow, NY basement, a colony of black mold had begun to spread. Before this homeowner knew it, the mold... READ MORE

Flood Damage and Asbestos Removal in Scarsdale, NY

What Happened? When heavy storms led to this Scarsdale, NY home’s roof to develop a serious leak, it was discovered there was a significant amount of asbe... READ MORE

Whole House Fire in Beech Hill, NY

What Happened? A kitchen fire in this Beech Hill, NY home quickly spread to adjacent rooms, setting the entire home ablaze. After the smoke had settled, the hom... READ MORE

A space heater starts a fire in a bedroom in Bryn Mawr Park, NY

What Happened? When a space heater was left on overnight and tipped over in this Bryn Mawr Park, NY residence, the entire upper floor was engulfed in flames. Af... READ MORE

Multi-home fire in Greenville, NY

What Happened? When a kitchen fire in this multi-family residence in Greenville, NY spread through the entire property, all of the tenants were devastated. Most... READ MORE

Residential Fire Consumes house in Crestwood, NY

What Happened? When a candle was knocked over overnight in this Crestwood, NY residence, it didn’t take long for the entire home to become engulfed in fla... READ MORE

Dunwoodie, NY Massive Flood Mitigation

What Happened? When disastrous flooding wracked this Dunwoodie, NY apartment unit, the property owner initially had no idea how to salvage their investment. Wit... READ MORE

Kitchen Flood in Northwest Yonkers

What Happened? When a roof leak developed in this Yonkers, NY resident’s kitchen, they were at a loss how to proceed. Having penetrated the roof, water wa... READ MORE

Stormwater Penetrates Walls in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

What Happened? After torrential downpours led to a large accumulation of stormwater outside of this Hastings-On-Hudson, NY home, water slowly began penetrating ... READ MORE

Roof Leak Leads to Water Damage in Scarsdale, NY

What Happened? When heavy winds ripped roofing off of this Scarsdale, NY office building, water was able to infiltrate to the ceiling below. Before long, a mass... READ MORE

Water Leak Leads to Damage in Northwest Yonkers, NY

What Happened? When a water main developed a slow leak in this Northwest Yonkers, NY office complex, a concerning brown stain began to quickly spread. Aware of ... READ MORE

Shower Causes Water Damage in Cedar Knolls, NY

What Happened? After a poorly executed renovation resulted in this Cedar Knolls, NY resident’s home to develop mold in the surrounding drywall and subfloo... READ MORE

Property Damage in Residential Basement in Beech Hill, NY

What Happened? After checking in on a recently vacated rental property, these Beech Hill, NY landlords were left appalled to see extensive damage, with many hol... READ MORE

Flooding In Commercial Building in Tuckahoe, NY

What Happened? When heavy storms caused the basement of this commercial building in Tuckahoe, NY to collect significant amounts of stagnant water, immediate act... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Remediation Scarsdale, NY

What Happened? When the seal on the roof of this Scarsdale, NY office complex burst, a cascade of water trickled down below, soaking and damaging much of the af... READ MORE

Water Damage Under Hardwood Floor In Nepperhan, NY

What Happened? When stormwater infiltrated the subfloor of this Nepperhan, NY residence, the floorboards began to warp and bow, leaving a large patch of damage ... READ MORE